Parker + Biley were briefed to create four monsters that convey the foremost emotions diabetes brings to a sufferer’s daily life; GUILT, FEAR, CONFUSION and ANXIETY.

Once created the monsters would be seen leaving a potentially stressful scenario, allowing the patient to enjoy their life thanks to the successful prescription of Humalog.

A further twist to the brief was to create four ethnically correct scenes representing four different key global markets.




All set and talent photography plus video were shot in Paramount Studios LA whilst all CGI monster creation, post production and animation took place in London.

In close collaboration with AD Lars Larson, Parker + Biley started the process of monster design, set design, casting and styling to authentically create the four global scenes.

Planning is a critical stage of any shoot and the bigger the concept the more crucial the planning and pre-visualisation. The key to cost effectiveness for this shoot was creating a set that could easily be re-dressed for the four different markets. If you look closely the rooms are all at very similar perspectives. The windows, doors and walls are all in very similar positions. The camera was locked off and the it was a question of reshooting different wall papers, cupboards, tables, chairs, cast etc. This facilitated a rapid interchange between sets that represented the different markets.